fanSTORE 4: Payment

PCI-certified Online Payment

fanSTORE offers all relevant payment modes:

  • PayPal
  • Direct Debit
  • Credit Cards
  • Prepayment
  • C.O.D. Service



If you want to offer PayPal-paymentsim to your customers, simply open a PayPal-Account. Informations about opening an account with PayPal you can fund here:


In the case of credit cards and direct debit, bitmanager-media GmbH holds partner-agreements with authorized online-billing-providers and acceptance companies. Thus all our fanSTORE-clients are entitled to enormous discounts and benefits in regard of costs, overheads, and time to market.


No time-consuming contractual negotiations with Acceptance and Online-Payment Companies are necessary as contracts and negotiations have already been concluded and prepared for fanSTORE customers.


Due to purchase bundling, the terms and conditions for setup and transaction fees are far better for all our fanSTORE customers than the ones available to individual webshop operators. Only a fraction of the usual costs arise when setting up credit card and bank draft payment within your fanSTORE.


Our Online payment is PCI-certified and complies with the highest standards of quality and security.


bitmanager does NOT charge any setup fees for credit card or bankdraft payments! The only cost for setting up these two payment options is a one-time flat fee billed directly to you by the Online-Payment provider and this fee is due to our fanSTORE bulk-agreement only a fraction of the usual fee. Please contact us for further information (


Nur für kurze Zeit...

...gibt es den fanSTORE DREI MONATE umsonst! Wenn dir und deinen Fans der neue STORE gefällt, bekommst du nach den ersten 3 Monaten für monatliche 29 € (inkl. MwSt.) ein professionelles Shopsystem, in dem du deine eigenen Downloads, CD’s, Shirts oder andere Fanartikel verkaufen kannst.

Und noch etwas: Wir mögen keine Knebelverträge und deshalb können unsere fanSTORE-Kunden auch jederzeit innerhalb 4 Wochen ihren STORE kündigen!

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