fanSTORE 4: Features

Cross-product Shopping Cart

The store is equipped to deal with all conceivable product groups. This applies both to material products available for dispatch and digital products available for download.
Descriptive attributes can be compiled for each individual product group, as appropriate.

DownloadCenter (MP3)

The DownloadCenter keeps MP3 albums and single tracks available for download. Titles purchased by a customer are registered in his customer profile and held at the ready in the 'Customer Download History,' also for eventual cases of repeat download of a title.
In addition, the DownloadCenter stores the data needed to bill customers regularly for MP3 licenses.

Registration and Customer Profiles

The customer can register in a fanSTORE of his choice. This enables him to store his address, payment and login data, and to modify his customer profile. It makes future in-store purchases even easier.

Registered customers who have purchased download products can access their download history at any time and - for example, if they happen to lose an MP3 - can download their titles again. The number of download procedures available per title can be defined in the BackOffice, in order to prevent abuse.

A Tried and Tested Checkout Process

Smooth operation of the checkout process - from the shopping cart and dispatch details through to the payment process and final order confirmation - is crucial to a Store-system's conversion rate. bitmanager-Stores have been tested in well over 100 installations and proved successful. They have repeatedly been put through their paces in comprehensive usability tests then optimized in line with the results.

Flexible Use of Feature Modules

In addition to flexible top-level navigation and its sub-categories and promotional interfaces, fanSTORE offers other modules for product presentation.
These can be activated or deactivated in the course of template selection, depending on the needs of the individual store.

Available modules include:

  • Bestseller Products
  • Editorial Tips
  • Related Products
  • "Customers who bought this product were also interested in..."

Product Bundles

In a fanSTORE, products can be combined and offered to customers as an attractive product bundle. Material and digital products can thereby be combined. For example, a customer could be offered a new CD-release bundled with a T-shirt, plus a bonus track available for immediate download.

Nur für kurze Zeit...

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