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Business Process Management (BPM)

Electronic support for enterprise-specific business processes is becoming increasingly vital in numerous sectors. Future business-support software must therefore actively support flexible, process-oriented viewpoints and mindsets. It must facilitate the fast and cost-effective realization of new processes (and types of process) and the adaption of existing processes to shifting circumstances. This calls for (adaptive) software architectures that are able to flexibly map both application-internal processes, and cross-processes, i.e. those that span multiple systems and organizations. Moreover such architectures must link heterogeneous and distributed application components, systems and services in a process-oriented manner, and orchestrate them accordingly.


Unlike the EAI-approach, which serves to integrate various "isolated" ERP solutions at the data level, BPM-approaches achieve integration by introducing an independent process layer. It is thereby not a matter of creating new isolated applications but rather, of complementing existing features, and flexibly and pragmatically combining them as a business process in the form of loosely linked activities in which the human being is explicitly incorporated as a central resource.
The main priority is not to map or automate every conceivable step of a process but to support the broadest possible range of workflows by directly allocating specific tasks to the respective processor, along with the necessary information about the task in hand and its current context. This generates context-driven solutions and hence, a process flow that builds essentially on the results of the preceding steps in the process. 


From the numerous customer solutions available, we have at our disposal prefabricated BPM components based on established standards, which allow us to implement flexible, enterprise-specific, process-oriented applications systems at your company location, in no time at all.


Topical Items:

Integration of existing services via:

  • LDAP
  • JNDI
  • Active Directory


Other Workflow Engines via:

  • Interface-definition of workflows
  • Management Coalition (WfMC)


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