mediaCRM 7

mediaCRM business processes

mediaCRM 7 covers the entire value chain in the subscriptions and mail-order sector: from order processing to customer services with over 100 business processes - from the intelligent management and mass or individual production of customer-specific mailouts thru to the integrated subscription and mail-order module - the system satisfies even the most demanding of clients. All commercially relevant promotion-formats are available. Moreover, we are curious to hear your own ideas. Make the most of the solution's extraordinarily flexible architecture, which allows you to respond fast and cost-effectively to market influences.


mediaCRM provides all the tools for a completely transparent planning, implementation, and monitoring of marketing campaigns and promotions. The CRM-life cycle is supported as a closed loop, integral to every phase: from the design and structure of a promotion thru to response, conversion and CPO-prognosis; from multi-channel implementation of activities thru to real-time monitoring and ex post analysis of promotions and campaigns. This is a seamless system.


A highly efficient data warehouse, in combination with automated segmentation, scoring, and selection procedures (contact management), provides cost-effective direct marketing processes, and optimizes the customer value of your existing customers. A sophisticated integrated subscriptions shop, a webshop, and a customer self-service portal round off the service range.

Our service package

  • Safe and confidential handling of your data by a neutral provider with no subscriptions assets of its own ASP-operation and tech.
  • support of the mediaCRM solution
  • Rapid and smooth installation of the solution on your premises, on schedule, by our experienced consultants
  • Extremely brief learning curves owing to media-specific process design and an intuitive user-interface
  • Adaption of the solution to your special requirements - via customization and individual add-ons
  • Development of future-proof systems in JAVA (J2EE-Architecture)


Our Proposal

We'd be glad to welcome you to Hamburg or to make a presentation at your convenience, on your own turf. Our team looks forward to hearing from you at or on +49 40 87 97 228–22

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