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Professional Pitch - the multi-channel approach to customer communications: TextManager

Customized letters and emails for the individual customer approach.
TextManager is a powerful tool for the individual creative design of emails and other correspondence - and as flexible as anyone could wish. Text and graphic components from databanks or interfaces are available 'to go' per dynamic download. Optimized backend processes deliver sufficient output flow-rate, even for very large batches.


TextManager facilitates the individual design and production of complex correspondence. Letters regarding sales, customer services or order confirmation rank among the many available options, along with invoices, dunning letters or even greetings cards. This applies both to classic print correspondence and to electronic varieties such as email.


What You See Is What You Get

Businesses dealing with a broad range of products and offer-formats, perhaps in cooperation with other service providers, quickly generate a multitude of templates with different layouts, types of forms (invoices, dunning letters...), logos, imprints, contact information, additional promotions, etc.

TextManager provides optimal support for all your diverse tasks thanks to WYSIWYG-preview features, standardized forms, and a clearly arranged file structure.

You dispatch more than 100,000 items a day? No problem.

Based on state-of-the-art software architecture, TextManager provides a high degree of scalability and thus assures that your business correspondence goes out fast, and on schedule. Thanks to effective batch monitoring and logging of all flows and outputs, you always have it under control, however large the volume.

Like all components, TextManager of course has full multi-client capability.

Integrated communications center

TextManager is the control and design center for all types of written correspondence with customers, partners and suppliers.

It thereby draws also on optional data from your frontend systems. Tax data, client, type or version of a form, content such as customers' addresses or cards, text inserts, prices, schedules: all this and more is available in TextManager's open interfaces for immediate download—to generate correspondence, whenever you need it.

Further Highlights:

  • Graphic definition of complex letter structures
  • Rapid layout preview and print control
  • Administration of text inserts, image inserts, and graphic and layout features
  • Status administration and approval mechanisms
  • Detailed logging of production and errors
  • Comprehensive interface features for integration of orders and customer
    services systems
  • Generates premium quality mass data (pdf, HTML, email)

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