Modules: ProductManager

E-commerce Module
The Product Manager


ProductManager is designed and implemented as a complete product management and information system. It can be used standalone or in combination with other components - independently of eCommerce environments.

Depending on how you decide to structure your eCommerce system, you can use ProductManager also purely as a "supply system" for your webshops, and upgrade it as your business expands. Naturally, you only pay for whatever you actually use.


Transparency in your product portfolio: ProductManager

The standard version of ProductManager is a highly efficient means to manage all data relevant to the purchase and sales of your products. Comprehensive attributes record technical and trading data, visuals and text, and more besides can be assigned to a broad range of attributes. Products can furthermore be individually classified. An open document administration via which, for example, product specifications or user manuals can be stored, rounds off the functionality of the standard version.

With regard to marketing digital items such as music, video, games and software, the integration of Microsoft DRM ranks among the system's specialties. Product-specific license and rights data are a component of the DownloadCenter-Edition. In further extended editions/system expansions, Product Manager supports the entrepreneurial process from the product idea through to active sales.

Whether it's your own or third-party products that are being bundled in offers and dispatched by various fulfillers, ProductManager puts all the relevant tools at your disposal, from a flexibly configured workflow and the appropriate product status concept, thru to inventory management and purchase disposition.

The open interface architecture and existing interface modules (SAP MM / Retail, Storage systems, for ex.) assure smooth system and process integration.

Further Highlights:

  • Combination of products and sets/packages
  • Linkage of products
  • 'Replacement item' feature
  • Inventory interface to internal/external warehouse or fulfiller
  • Product status administration (Suggestion/Active/Blocked/Injunction...)
  • Administration of customs data and of target country validation
  • Definition of internal/external product costs (packaging, dispatch, handling…)
  • Administration of dispatch conditions (min./max. quantities, timeframes)
  • Catalog products (define own catalog structure and assign and class products)


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