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New products are available, it's a customer's birthday, deliveries are delayed, or it's time to renew contracts - these are only a few examples of the many occasions that call for ContactManager.

A great number of customer contacts are neglected by businesses today owing to the huge manual effort they usually involve. Additional opportunities to boost sales or increase customer satisfaction are thus lost.

contact procedure

Automation boosts sales potential and improves quality: ContactManager

Simple or even complex multiphase procedures are defined then carried out automatically, at pre-scheduled times or when triggered by certain events. The following can be freely and easily defined:

  • Events
  • Criteria for customer selection
  • Type of contact to be carried out
  • Follow-ups (subsequent activities)

    The diagram illustrates a simple contact procedure. Of course, multiphase procedures and customer-specific types of contact are possible too (email, personal letter via customer address dispatch per FTP to a lettershop, etc.)

Further Highlights:

  • Graphic definition of complex, multiphase workflows
  • Integration of various types of data selection
  • Flexible scheduling and repetition logic in workflows
  • Convenient manual monitoring (for ex. selection clearance via email-link)
  • Transparent logging and evaluation of procedures

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