Modules: CampaignManager

E-commerce Modules


CampaignManager can be used standalone or in combination with other components in eCommerce environments.

The standard version is always included in the scope of supply.

CampaignManager, even in the standard version, is your central instrument for managing sales promotions and placing them in your webshops.

Der ProduktManager

Core Features

  • Convenient placement of product offers in one or more webshops...
  • various offer-formats, each with its individual texts, visuals, and prices
  • Assignment of promotions to campaigns and campaign groups
  • Integrated document management
  • Control of cross-selling mechanisms
  • Status mechanisms for the control of internal workflows
  • Automatic synchronization of shops, the call center system, and links to dispatchers / fulfillers

A competitive edge thanks to creative marketing concepts

Whatever offer-formats you choose, CampaignManager puts them in the limelight, and under your control. To name but a few:


  • Scheduled promotions
  • 'Early Birds'
  • Bonus points (assigned to products)
  • Bazaar promotions
  • Free gifts
  • Gifts with additional payment
  • Promotional rewards


Let us know your new ideas. We gladly add your own innovative ideas to our list.

Advertising control

Perfect, real-time advertising control

Advertising control serves not only to evaluate current and past campaigns. Above all, it is the basis for planning and optimizing future campaigns, or for modifying those currently underway.

CampaignManager provides professional ex-post or ex ante CPO and contribution margin analyses, and real-time analysis of current campaigns. It thereby differentiates between response and conversion data (particularly crucial in the club and subscriptions sector) and delivers status quo/ target state analyses.

The features and data available for the above include:

  • Assignment of individually configurable costs
  • Extrapolation of response and conversion data
  • Open interfaces linked to fulfillment and ERP systems
  • Direct link to Storefront

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