Modules: DownloadCenter and DRM

E-commerce Modules
DownloadCenter and DRM

The complete solution for digital product sales: DownloadCenter and DRM

Product Download ranks among the fastest growing market sectors. Downloads of music, videos, games, software, and other electronically distributable products will expand dramatically in the next few years.


By integrating the leading market solutions - Microsoft Digital Rights Management and Fraunhofer mp3-Watermarking technology - you'll be perfectly equipped for every variety of digital sales.

Der ProduktManager

The bitmanager DownloadCenter takes care of the entire digital sales process:

  • Stores download-products at the bitmanager storage farm
  • Converts data into sales formats (for ex. WMA, MP3)
  • Protects data with DRM or Watermarks
  • Imports or generates metadata (product data such as labeling, specifications,
    play length, prices, visuals, etc.)
  • Generates DRM licenses
  • Delivers downloads to end customers
  • Delivers DRM licenses to end customers
  • Customer account for subsequent downloads
Backup service

The complete backup-services package for digital product sales

From content licensing through to billing for publishing rights, we support the entire process, step by step.

We process the material received in various formats (CD, DVD, etc.) and make it available on the platform. Data such as product description, title, author, performer, play length, and memory requirements are also converted from every conceivable format, and imported into the system directly or from a CD.

We take care of billing for technical licenses such as MP3 or Watermarks - and we compile the reports needed to settle accounts with the respective licensing publishers or labels. Absolute transparency is assured.

Advice on licensing content

If you have no material of your own we gladly advice you on content selection and marketing. Benefit from our long-standing contacts, existing workflows, and interfaces to various licensers: those in the music or audio book sectors, for example.

Further Highlights:

  • Tangible and digital products in one shop
  • Tangible and digital products in one shopping cart
  • Both philosophies united in one program: DRM and free MP3-files with
  • Special call center tools to support customer communications


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