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The Back Office is the control center for online sales promotions. Whether you're dealing with B2B or B2C shop solutions, professional control and monitoring of sales activities is the basis of any successful eBusiness.


For one, BackOffice enables you to run an almost unlimited number of online shops and to assign to each its individual special offer categories, sales promotions, and product data inventory.

Das BackOffice

The Control Center: BackOffice

BackOffice doesn't simply control a variety of webshop functions. Depending on your needs, it also integrates other eCommerce modules such as:



Most of these modules are contained in the application in their standard version, and can be upgraded almost indefinitely to suit your needs and type of business.

A sophisticated security system - with which user-roles, user-groups and user-IDs are managed - ensures the efficient allocation of responsibilities, even in larger or distributed organizations.

The convenient Windows-GUI assures even heavy users in continuous operation a pleasant, error-free, and rapid workflow.

Changes made in BackOffice can be activated in the Shop immediately, without tiresome detours via Content Management Systems (CMS) and the like. They can also be integrated in your own in-house CMS, if required.

Depending on his user-ID, every user obtains a view of the system that is optimized for him personally; for example, he sees only the shops, products and ad campaigns that fall in his area of competence.

Naturally, he can also precisely define all the system features to which he has access.


Control Features

Control Features

Some additional control features:


  • Control of shop categories and shop catalogs
  • Manual and automatic control of sales promotions
  • Upkeep of offer rotations and validity periods
  • Upkeep of product commentaries and product evaluations
  • Multi-currency capability
  • Upkeep of country groups with regard to price, dispatch rates, and payment
  • Club memberships and subscriptions
  • Monitoring of various cross-selling mechanisms
  • Central control of technical and qualitative reports


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