E-Commerce: Features

E-commerce Overview

Ads and Teasers

  • Teasers: Flash or image
  • Product-Teaser: simple control of the displayed products per category, in part with random product switch
  • Landing pages for campaigns
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Automatically generated site-maps
  • Google Site Map
  • RSS Feeds
  • Ads for new products
  • URL rewrites
  • Product bundling (bundles, combi-sets)
  • "Free Delivery" option


Product Administration

  • Complex product search
  • Sorting according to all criteria
  • Cross-reference / Hyperlink, in terms of categories
  • Wizard for creation of new products
  • Mass product import
  • Product bundles
  • Downloadable digital products
  • DRM
  • Variations (in size, color, etc.)
  • Inventory management



  • Fast-track ordering process for digital products
  • Delivery address can differ from that of payment-maker
  • One-page checkout
  • Checkout with or without customer account
  • Customer account can be created during payment process
  • SSL-encryption
  • Shopping cart displays VAT/sales tax and dispatch costs
  • Selection of different dispatch and payment modes
  • Coupons can be used


  • Voucher types: sum, percent and downloads!
  • Freely configurable text per voucher
  • Number of voucher codes per voucher can be extended indefinitely
  • Instant availability of generated voucher codes

Product Presentation

  • Pre-order feature for albums (digital ones too!)
  • Cross-selling, up-selling
  • Product display options: list or grid
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Several images per product
  • Zoom feature for product images

Shopping Cart

  • Constant overview in shopping cart layer
  • Shopping cart storage, with configurable lifespan
  • Automatic add-ons: freely definable extras

Dispatch / Delivery

  • Dispatch costs depend on target country and dispatch mode
  • Different dispatch modes: Standard, Express, etc.
  • Simple configuration per shop
  • Free delivery for purely digital shopping carts
  • Several dispatch procedures per order
  • Free delivery
  • Restricted delivery area with certain dispatch modes


  • PCI-certified online payment for direct debit and credit card
  • C.O.D. and prepayment
  • PayPal
  • Freely configurable payment fees per payment mode/ payer's country

Order Management

  • Clear overview of current orders
  • Order edit feature: customer address, quantity, etc.
  • Order cancellation
  • Order details at a glance: customer info, product info

Shop Management

  • Simple configuration via BackOffice
  • Integration of headers and footers, as required
  • Fully Iframe-capable Shop

Category Management

  • Freely configurable main navigation
  • Display/Hide product info per category
  • Product sorting per category


  • Multilingual capability
  • Multicurrency capability
  • Tax support
  • Localization

Direct Customer Advertising

  • Freely editable order information for every product
  • RSS Product Feeds
  • Various opt-ins for newsletters, contacting, etc.



  • Registration
  • Order confirmation
  • Dispatch confirmation
  • Reminder, when a product is available again


Customer Service

  • myProfil: edit of customer data
  • myDownloads: renewed download of all previously purchased digital products
  • Close account
  • Forgot password?


Analysis and Reporting

  • Dashboard
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Sales reports
  • Reports on the most frequently sold products
  • Sum of total revenue
  • Business intelligence, Data warehouse, OLAP integration


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