aboSHOP 7

aboSHOP 7
Integration in Your Website

Whitelabel-technology. Individual CI.

The Shopfront can be adapted very easily to your CI and completely integrated in your business or brand website. Both cross-brand shops and single brand (or single item) shops can be managed in parallel via BackOffice, which of course has multi-client capability.

Spezielle Features

In addition to the standard shop features, aboSHOP 7 provides special features specifically designed for marketing the media sector and subscriptions:

  1. Rewards and gift bazaars, reward finders and gift finders
  2. Discounts and free dispatch in the product area for current subscribers
  3. Support for special processes and templates for offer-formats such as full subscription (with or without gifts), reward subscription, trial subscription, gift subscription, and student subscription
  4. Special support for typical media products such as calendars
  5. Integrated shopping cart for subscriptions, single issues, merchandizing, and digital products such as mp3, videos or books

Features such as cross and up-selling, purchase, collection and gift vouchers, and SEO and ESM optimization are a matter of course.


Online customer services with a single tool: aboSELFservice.

Using electronic business processing for change of address, vacation forwarding, delivery stop, delivery complaints, object switching, and so on minimizes your processing and call center costs. Integrated PCI-certified online payment for all relevant payment modes rounds off the system.

mediaCRM Module
mediaCRM Module

Our service package

  • Safe and confidential handling of your data by a neutral provider with no subscriptions assets of its own ASP-operation and tech. support of the aboSHOP solution
  • Rapid and smooth installation of the solution on your premises, by our experienced consultants
  • Adaption of the solution to your special requirements—via customization and individual add-ons
  • Development of future-proof systems in JAVA (J2EE-Architecture)


Our Proposal

We'd be glad to welcome you to Hamburg or to make a presentation at your convenience, on your own turf. Our team looks forward to hearing from you at kontakt@bitmanager.de or on +49 40 87 97 228–22.

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