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The flexible eCommerce solution for your business

The bitmanager eCommerce platform offers far more than simple product presentation and a customer-friendly shop front. In addition to a convenient multishop-manager with multi-client capability, you can draw on flexible tool sets to enhance customer loyalty, and cross and up-selling.

The system can be extended as a complete CRM platform for your business. Benefit from our experience in eCommerce, CRM, and Direct Customer Marketing.

Cross-media integration

The entire range of online-sales is available for catalog items, merchandise to physical or digital subscriptions - including Digital-Rights-Management (DRM) - and downloads of music, games, videos or software. The modular concept behind all bitmanager solutions allows you to integrate any new item or type of media, at any time.

More sales thanks to innovative ad campaigns

From the mail-voucher thru on-pack promotions to the promotion code-shop - with the bitmanager eCommerce solution we have realized every idea our customers ever came up with. The ContactManager initiates contact with customers, and registers their response, reacts to events such as birthdays or new products, and automatically provides your customers with individual tips and special offers.

Optimized shopping carts thanks to cross- and up-selling

Our multifunctional tool set offers you endless potential to improve the cost effectiveness of your individual orders. Bundles, accessories, similar products, top sellers, discounts, and mail order tax exemptions are just a few examples from a broad range of options.

Better brand recognition thanks to automatic online marketing

Our easily controlled links to the relevant search engines and price portals guarantee you the presence so vital to your success. Support for SEM/SEO is a basic component of our eCommerce architecture and is regularly improved and fine-tuned.

Satisfied customers

'Look and feel', navigation and order processing features can be adapted optimally to the needs of your target group. In combination with flexible price and discount models, they assure your customers the perfect shopping experience.

Flexible investment plans

Individual cooperation and remuneration models create the basis for optimal cooperation and adequate investment plans.

Customer loyalty thanks to integrated club and subscription models

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is our core competence. Ten years' experience in the club and subscription business is our basis for web clubs and subscriptions that work also for you.
Your ideas up and running with a one-stop solution: we cooperate closely with you to develop concepts and software then implement them on your behalf. Our cutting edge software, operations, and support allow you to concentrate on your core business: premium-quality projects and products, delivered on schedule, and in budget.


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